Top 5 Family Activities For This Summer

Published on 04/05/2022

Summer is great when you’re young. School is out, the sun is shining. But when you’re an adult, summer can be hard work, especially when you have to take care of your kids. So what are you doing? You can’t just park them in front of the TV (or iPad). These are not the summer moments that are remembered for a long time. At Gore, we love the great outdoors—and so do our kids. When you’re young, everything is an adventure. The world is your playground. Here are some suggestions for activities that will make this summer an unforgetable family summer.

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Top 5 Family Activities For This Summer


For some, it’s part of growing up. For some, it is their first active memory. The excitement of camping under the stars. The thrill of the forest. The smell of the blazing campfire. There are few things more exciting than experiencing the great outdoors. It doesn’t matter whether you decide on a quiet campsite or whether you camp wild away from the hustle and bustle – well prepared you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Hiking In The Nature

Whether plants or animals – there is a lot to discover for young and old. Instead of a hike, the excursion can also be turned into a bike tour. Longer distances can also be covered easily with wheels. Both also offer the opportunity to combine the trip with other activities: for example, with a picnic in the countryside or a visit to a bathing lake in summer. Camping trips with a mobile home and tents then even become a short vacation full of variety for the whole family.

Bike Trip

It is known that you never forget to ride a bike. When was the last time you sat on a bike? Teach your kids something they’ll live with for life – or just have fun on a bike ride. Children love to travel by bike: not only is it fun and fast, but it also keeps you fit and allows you to travel much longer distances than on foot, allowing you to reach new and undiscovered places. Many families pack their bikes in the car and head out into the country, but cycling is also fun in the city. If your kids are too young to ride the streets, explore the park around the corner by bike.

Go To A Festival

Festivals are no longer just for adults. There are now numerous family-friendly festivals. Some, like the Joshua Tree Festival in the US and the Wilderness Festival in the UK, have special stages and activities for children. To ensure that the festival is a great experience for you and your children, you should plan well in advance. Let them take part in as many activities as possible and explore everything the festival has to offer with them. Be prepared for any weather and don’t be afraid to get wet. When it rains, your kids might even have more fun than you.

Adventures In The Garden

Parents who own the house and garden have many opportunities for exciting activities with the children right behind the patio door. You can light a campfire in the evening, have a barbecue in it, tell stories to the children and later sleep in the tent outside. In addition, gardens are always huge playgrounds. With very little effort and a little creativity, many varied game ideas can be spontaneously implemented there. For example, an obstacle course for playing and practicing mobility and coordination can be created from various everyday objects in no time at all. This also works in a fun way with Outdoor-Twister. A little colorful spray paint is enough and the Twister playing field on your own lawn is ready.


Canoeing is a great family activity that is suitable for children of all ages. Older children love adventure, younger children can go canoeing with their parents. A 5 meter long canoe is big enough for two adults, two children and a picnic basket. The great thing about canoeing is that you can set your own speed, or you can just go with the speed of the water. You might get wet, but in a waterproof GORE-TEX canoeing or kayaking jacket, you don’t have to worry about that and can focus on having a great time with your family.